Addiction Medicine

Faculty Director: Paul Gianutsos, M.D., M.P.H.


The Swedish/ Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency emphasizes the importance of serving underserved communities. While addictive disorders affect every segment of American society, these disorders take a disproportionate toll on the poor and those without adequate access to health care. Our residency has established faculty expertise in the area of chemical dependency and may be the only Family Medicine program that has a required rotation in Addiction Medicine. We have established a specialized track in Addiction Medicine to provide residents with broader and deeper training in this area, with an emphasis on using these skills in medically underserved populations.


The Addiction Medicine Track is designed to provide motivated residents opportunities to:

  • Learn the natural history, diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders
  • Work in our acute detoxification center, inpatient treatment facility for pregnant women and in the local methadone maintenance center and
  • Learn about the social and economic costs of addiction disorders
  • Understand the history of drug addiction in the United States
  • Learn harm reduction techniques
  • Understand the fetal effects of prenatal substance use
  • Work with chemically dependent pregnant women in the ob outreach clinic and on our inpatient unit
  • Work and learn from core Family Medicine faculty certified in Addiction Medicine
  • Be a resource for your community

Application Requirements

Because of limited availability of spaces for this rotation, residents will be selected based on their past demonstrated interest in addiction medicine and the likelihood that they will use the skills acquired in their future practice. Residents must complete a short essay explaining their interest in addiction medicine and meet the following requirements in order to be considered:

1) Must be in good standing
2) Must be on track to graduate with adequate outpatient clinic visits and obstetrical continuity deliveries

Requirements for Completion of the Addiction Medicine Track

In order to successfully complete the Addiction Track residents must:

1) Complete the required Addiction Medicine/Chronic Pain (ARS) course and two addiction medicine electives.
2) Complete the online reading curriculum on important topics in addiction medicine.
3) Complete a six week online harm reduction course.
4) Complete requirements for a buprenorphine waiver.
5) Perform satisfactorily in the addiction medicine rotations.
6) Prepare and present a final project.

ARS and Addiction Medicine Electives

The ARS rotation is a required part of the R2 year. Electives may be completed in the R2 and R3 years. These may be designed with the assistance of the addiction medicine faculty.

Addiction Medicine Track- Reading Curriculum 

This curriculum is designed to provide a sampling of pertinent and interesting articles covering important topics in addiction medicine. These readings supplement the required readings of the ARS rotation.
All of these readings are available online. Some require the use of your UW Net ID.

See the Addiction Medicine Website for a list of readings.

  • Online Harm Reduction Course
    This online course is offered on an ongoing basis through the Statewide Partnership for HIV Education in Recovery Environments (SPHERE) in conjunction with Health Care of Southern Massachusetts, HCSM, Inc. The cost of this CME is paid by the residency.
  • Buprenorphine Waiver Course
    The buprenorphine course must be successfully passed to complete the Addiction Medicine Track. This course takes approximately 8 hours and may be completed in a one day CME or online.
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website for buprenorphine information for professionals is located below. This site contains links to upcoming buprenorphine qualifying CME and online training. The cost of this CME is paid by the residency.

Addiction Medicine Rotations

Two elective rotations must be completed in addition to the required ARS rotation. These electives may be designed around your particular interests but must be approved no less than 30 days in advance of the start of the rotation by the Addiction Medicine Track coordinator. The addiction medicine faculty can assist you in site selection and planning for rotations.

Final Presentation

After completing the curriculum readings and the elective rotations, the final requirement of the track is to prepare a verbal or written presentation on a topic of interest to you in the field of addiction medicine. In most cases, this should be a formal presentation, given as an R3 talk or in another appropriate forum.
Your topic should focus on a specific type of addictive disorder, a specific geographic region or community, a specific population or any other area of interest that arose from your readings, electives and your time oversea.
In addition, you must complete an evaluation form for any off site elective experience. This is to help guide future residents in their selection of sites, as well as to help the faculty get a better impression of your experience.






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