R3: Behavioral Science / Practice Management

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This rotation was added to the curriculum at the request of the residents.  We have historically surpassed the RRC (Residency Review Committee) requirements for Behavioral Science by several hours, and have a long history of a very strong Behavioral Science curriculum.  As a result, the resident body at Cherry Hill recognizes the importance of patient-centered communication and counseling skills.  They requested one final rotation in which they could advance their skills in preparation for practice.   As is the case for the entire curriculum at Swedish Cherry Hill, the design was created to meet the needs of the residents and this third year Behavioral Science Rotation was designed.

The residents are in continuity clinic all day Monday and Friday.  The Inspiring Doctor Series is sprinkled throughout the R2 and R3 Behavioral Science months, and are an opportunity to meet family doctors with a wide range of interests and practice styles.  The residents get to hear about their career trajectory and ways in which they stay inspired.

Sample calendar:








Screening tools for Mental Health, Peds to Geriatrics

Aligning Our Souls with Our Roles - Reflections on Spirituality & Medicine

Healer’s Wishes

Sitting in the Tragic Gap - supporting patients with Chronic Diseases & Illnesses – Part I

Saying Goodbye to Patients

Inspiring Doctor Series


Genetic Counseling

Adolescent Sexuality & Teen Health, Dating Violence and Cyber Violence



Mindy-Body Skills Practical – application to patient care
Inspiring Doctor Series


PM – Didactics

Inspiring Doctor Series

Chronic Disease – Part II

“How’s That Working for You?” Motivational Int & Goal Setting

Transference and Counter-Transference

Inspiring Doctor Series

Pediatric Developmental Milestones & Anticipatory Guidance

Inspiring Doctor Series

Healing the Healer




Home Visit De-Brief

Master Class in Pt Interviewing

PM - Didactics











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