R3: Cardiology / Geriatrics

(1 Rotation)

Cardiology Training:

Third year residents spend 2 half days per week for 4 weeks working with an outstanding adult cardiologist at Swedish.  Most of this time is spent working with the cardiologist seeing patients in the outpatient setting.  Residents also pre-round before clinic on the cardiologist’s patients with the physician’s assistant and together they present all cases to the cardiologist for definitive treatment.  The PA also loves to teach.  Residents observe cardiac testing on some of the patients they see, learning indications, sensitivity, and specificity for these tests.  In addition, all residents spend a few half days working with a pediatric cardiologist rounding and listening to pediatric heart murmurs to help learn benign from concerning childhood murmurs.

Geriatrics Training: 

  • 2 year longitudinal nursing home experience with 2 patients in continuity at a local nursing home for each R2 & R3 FM resident.  Taught by board certified FM faculty in geriatrics.  On site teaching with each session on nursing home topics: dementia, pain management, wound care, sleep, nutrition and weight loss, etc.
  • One half day per week for one month in an assisted living facility (Horizon House) working with board certified FM geriatrician caring for facility occupants in their on site clinic. 
  • Monthly geriatric lectures on appropriate geriatric syndromes taught by board certified FM faculty: movement disorders, sexuality, incontinence, menopause, etc.
  • One half day per week for one month in a geriatric assessment/consult clinic working with board certified FM geriatrician caring performing consultations on your patients or those referred to the clinic by other physicians.
  • Extensive experience with the care of geriatric patients in your own continuity clinic as well as hospital rotations over the entire three years of residency.







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