R3: Neurology / Gastroenterology / Rheumatology

(1 Rotation)


Third year, 4 week rotation, experiences include
  • 2 half days per week with Lily Jung, MD, one of our most popular teachers for years.  Residents see patients with neurological complaints primarily and present the case to Dr Jung.  Residents love her grace and teaching style.
  • 1 half day per week with Phil Mease, MD, an excellent rheumatology teacher.  Both Swedish residency programs feel he is the best rheumatology teacher in town and both send our residents there.
  • 1 half day per week with GI docs at Seattle Gastroenterology Associates.  This is a group of young dynamic teachers.  Our residents spend time with few of them as they each tend to specialize in different types of GI disorders.  Our residents learn assessment and treatment of all common primary care GI problems.







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