R3: Urology / Nephrology / Endocrinology / Casting

(1 Rotation)


Required experiences include:

  • 1 half day per week with a female urologist, Susan Walters, MD.  She loves to teach and the residents consistently rate her as outstanding.  She has been teaching for years.
  • 2 half days per month with an adult male urologist, John Mullen, MD.  New teacher this year working out very well.
  • 2 half days per month with pediatric urologist, Beth Anderson, MD, another popular teacher who has been teaching for years.
  • 1 half day per week with one of a select group of local nephrologists.  Only the popular and excellent teachers are recruited to be on our teaching faculty
  • 1 half day per week with endocrinologist, Gholam Mozaffarian, MD.  Any physician in Seattle knows the excellence of this superb clinician and teacher.  We are privileged to have the opportunity to spend time with him learning core information on all common endocrine disorders seen by family physicians.
  • Lastly, a couple half days during this rotation, our residents get one on one teaching from a certified cast specialists going over all upper and lower extremity splints and casts useful for primary care physicians.







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