Sea Mar Training Site

Sea Mar Community Health Center -Seattle is part of a large and successful community health center dedicated to the care of the medically underserved and the Latino population of Seattle. Founded In 1976 by a group of Latino community leaders .

The residency program obtained funds in 1987 to begin a satellite Family Medicine residency site at Sea Mar Community Health Center. This pioneering collaborative effort between a community health center and an established residency program provides excellent training to residents (3 AAFP Bristol Myer Squibb Award winners in the past 10 years).

This Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is ideal for residents who desire to work with a multicultural, latino rich communtiy. Conversational Spanish skills are needed as a minimum, as well as a love for obstetric, pediatrics and for immersing yourself in a dynamic community organization.

In-hospital rotations for Sea Mar residents are the same as for residents at the Swedish/Cherry Hill unit, while their ambulatory clinic practice takes place at Sea Mar Community Health Center.

The Sea Mar clinic provides:

  • High volume training in OB, pediatrics, and ambulatory medicine. - Goal of  being NCQA certified medical home by 2014.
  • Ultrasound clinic, procedure clinic, urgent care clinic, nursing home site, colposcopy clinic and circumcisions.
  • Specialty care including a hypertension specialist, infertility specialist.
  • Health educators, social workers and Americorps volunteers located on site.
  • A multitude of free patient resources including zumba, yoga and nutrition classes.
  • Immersion into a broad array of community services for our patients such as mental health treatment, addiction treatment,  maternal support services, WIC, dental care, preventive health services and ESL classes to name just a few. Opportunity for involvement in community service programs supported by Sea Mar such as Fiestas Patrias, the Latino Health Forum and a yearly holiday party.


A large percentage of Hispanic (50 percent), Southeast Asian and other minorities utilize the community health center. Sea Mar operates an additional 24 migrant and clinic health centers in the Puget Sound area — Residents who are interested also have the opportunity to do obtain elective experience at these clinics.

A separate NRMP Match number 1755120C4 must be used when ranking the Sea Mar satellite program. And applicants should mark the Sea Mark track designation when applying to the Swedish/Cherry Hill Program through ERAS.

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